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Open Office

Demanding open office environments

In the modern office, everyone expects to work wirelessly while seated around many co-workers.  This presents a challenge to wireless networks, which can become over-saturated with user traffic, leading to slow Internet performance and frustration. Fido has the experience, the tools, and the products to solve these challenges while keeping your network secure.


Planning with Numerical Modeling

The first step is the most important and the most over-looked, often resulting in a failed deployment: modeling your office space for optimum Wi-Fi access-point placement.  Having access to numerical modeling tools and knowing how to use them is Fido’s first advantage in proper system design.  We account not only for the size and shape of your office space, but its materials (e.g. glass, concrete, drywall..) and the anticipated locations where staff use will be most concentrated.  The result is a so-called “heat-map” which depicts the location of access points and the expected coverage.


Wi-fi equipment

The second most common reason why Wi-Fi deployments fail is poor selection of Wi-Fi equipment.  Products that have 5 star reviews and work great in a home environment are generally very different from those designed for commercial applications. In a home the spaces are smaller, the walls are typically drywall, and the number of users is low.  Usually a single access point is all that is needed.  

In a commercial space there are many users working over large areas.  Walls are often thick glass and concrete.  Multiple access points must be deployed.  These access points must be designed to work together seamlessly.  Once a user is logged in, they expect to be in any part of the space and still have high performance without reconnecting. 

Fido partners with leading equipment manufacturers to provide the best Wi-Fi experience running the latest Wi-Fi protocols for performance and security.  Our products are managed through a secure cloud portal to monitor and control your network in real time.  No waiting for a technician to show up, we solve most problems remotely. 



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If you are expanding into new space or coping with a non-performing Wi-Fi network, reach out to Fido Systems for a free consultation on deploying a high performance and secure Wi-Fi network.

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