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Many companies are in the dilemma whether they should purchase an On-Premise PBX or a Hosted PBX.  After many years of selling On-Premise systems, Fido Systems is now solidly behind hosted solutions.

the modern phone system..

Here are some of the many advantages of going hosted:
  • A third party provider handles the PBX and all responsibility of running and upgrading the Hosted PBX is shifted onto them
  • There are less installation, operation and maintenance costs involved with a Hosted PBX
  • There’s no need to worry about any network issues, like bandwidth, with a Hosted PBX; especially important for SMB’s which don’t have the bandwidth to accommodate Unified Communications and VoIP
  • Dedicated personnel to manage the phone system are not required; less costs
  • No training required on how to run the phone system, how to add extensions and so on. The PBX provider does all that for the end user.
  • All upgrades are included in the maintenance costs and are automatically done by the PBX provider

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