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Dan Bodner

CEO and Founder

Dan Bodner has served in numerous management roles with professional service firms. He currently serves as the CEO of Fido Systems. Dan has been working specifically as a System Integrator since 1995, and he founded Fido systems in 2001. He was previously a Senior Partner at PCG, a San Francisco based Systems Integrator, and was also the Chief of Operations for Weiss Associates, a Bay Area environmental consulting firm. Dan has a Masters degree focused on numerical analysis and simulation in Hydro-Geology from the University of Texas at Austin where he studied under a University Fellowship, and has a Liberal Arts degree from Vassar College.

Cesar Gudiel

Senior System Engineer

Cesar is among the highest praised engineers Fido Systems has ever had.  Customers praise his patience, competence and good humor.  Cesar is a true expert on the complicated technologies we implement for our customers on the back-end, making it all appear seamless and easy. Cesar brings 15 years of Information Technology experience to his role. From servers and cloud technologies all the way up to the desktop, Cesar’s expertise shines.


Laura Livingston


Laura keeps our paperless accounting systems nimble by leveraging diverse experience in operations management and technology.  Laura holds a Master’s degree in Organization Development from American University and spent 18 years working as a change management consultant for large companies.  Her interests also include Yoga, Reiki, hypnotherapy, hiking and swimming.  Her holistic approach keeps us inspired and centered.

Anna Colibri

Digital Marketing & SEO

Anna provides a rare commodity to our clients, the ability to elevate their visibility on the Internet and bring them the leads and attention they seek. The technology behind this feat is a very specific and complex tapestry of website adjustments, social media postings, and web content.  Anna brings the patience and skills of a writer to this important job.  She holds a Master’s degree from UC Berkeley in addition to certifications in yoga, ayurveda, and holistic massage. Anna grew up in Pacific Grove, California, a small town on the edge of the sea.


Michael Heyline

Small Business Advisor

Michael has been helping business owners and their staff for over 15 years.  Among his specialties is migrating settings, applications and data to new computers while keeping the user’s productivity tools and familiar interfaces intact.  His low-disruption technique has earned him much praise and smiles.




220 Montgomery St, STE 1013 • San Francisco CA 94104

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