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Service Levels

What is Guardian Managed Service?

Guardian™ provides all-inclusive support for a fixed monthly cost. With Guardian service, costs are controlled and predictable, and support is unlimited. Guardian service comes in two levels; Silver and Gold.  Learn more..

How About Hourly Support?

For those not yet enrolled in Guardian™ service, and for simple new installations, we offer service billed on an hourly basis. Contact us for more information.

Can You Quote Fixed Cost Projects?

New installations of any complexity, such as new servers and even new workstations, are usually quoted and performed for a fixed fee. In keeping with the same philosophy as inspired our Guardian service, the client controls their expenses at all times. Clients don’t like surprises, so we make a habit of not surprising them with anything other than happiness and joy.


How Can I Get Help Now?

Submit a problem Ticket

Log in to your personal support portal to submit and manage your work tickets.

Email us an inquiry

Please email us for a prompt response to your questions.

Call us

Absolutely call us!  We enjoy meeting new people. We also provide a free 1 hour initial consultation. 415.391.3100.  




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