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These days, when it comes time to retire old server equipment, Business’s first question is usually, “can’t we put everything in the cloud? “ Maybe, but the idea to purchase a server for a small business also has merit.

While there are many great advantages to pushing critical functions into the cloud, not all business tools can be supported that way. Additionally, the subscription costs for hosted services can quickly overwhelm the investment in a new server. ROI’s for new servers of 18 months versus SAS cloud solutions are common. And with the advent of affordable solid state drives, server hardware is more durable and reliable than ever. Indeed the marketplace for server-purchases is thriving.  Futhermore, server virtualization technology allows for running multiple servers on one piece of business server hardware.  Server management, server support, and whole-server backup is also much easier in a virtualized environment.

There is still a role for on-premise servers. Fido Systems can show you how to choose and purchase the best computer server for your small business, or help you find a great cloud strategy, or find a hybrid approach for the best of both worlds.

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