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Managing a mobile workforce

The IT landscape has changed dramatically with the advent of cloud-based applications and file storage (also known as Infrastructure-as-a-Service or IaaS). More and more organizations are outsourcing their data centers to cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. However, with this move the majority of organizations are manually managing multiple cloud-based accounts for users.  As staff and needs grow, managing these users in a secure, reliable and repeatable way becomes increasingly difficult. At some point there becomes a likelihood for catastrophic security errors.

Fido System’s Cloud Control® solution centralizes and automates the user management problem. Fido Cloud Control® becomes the bridge to your cloud tools, deployed laptops, tablets and phones, and even on-premises Microsoft Active Directory.

Laptop Worker

Fido Cloud Control®

Fido Cloud Control® uses a lightweight agent on each deployed device. This agent can leverage native APIs to provision, deprovision, and modify users and their access privileges. Access can be granted via groups created within the cloud based directory. 

We make all user changes in one web console. Once the change is made, it is propagated to all the user’s devices and logon accounts. A user’s access can be disabled to everything in an instant – a critical feature when off-boarding an employee.  The cloud computing has arrived, and now you can manage it with Fido Cloud Control®.

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