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Remote Working is changing the workplace

Working away from the office is becoming increasingly attractive to both employers and workers. Some interesting trends:

  • Most work-at-home employees report higher productivity and reduced stress levels
  • Employers can access a much larger labor force with a deeper pool of talent and highly specialized skills
  • Studies have shown work-at-home employees are more engaged with their job and employer

With 45 percent of the American workforce now spending much, or all, of their time working from home, c-suite executives are beginning to recognize the benefits of a remote or home-based workforce. Primary concerns for every business contemplating a work-at-home or work-remote employment strategy are the cost of implementing such capability and its security.

Keeping it remote and secure need not cost exorbitantly.  We have a menu of options for all sizes and budgets.  From as simple as implementing a PC remote control solution to more complicated Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) and Remote Desktop Servers (RDP), we can help you evaluate and select a solution that provides the best value.




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