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Keeping control of your files in the cloud while also keeping them safe is hard. And as cloud-based applications proliferate, controlling access is a challenge. Staff now work from tablets and smartphones as well as laptops.

Take the first step toward managing all of this securely with Fido Systems Cloud Control support services. With Fido’s Cloud Control support, we can help you:

Assess – Keep track of mobile devices, provide remote support, and wipe them clean if lost or stolen.

Secure – With Fido’s business-grade endpoint security built-in, we can proactively and effectively secure all of your customers’ devices from laptops and phones to servers.

Manage – From a single dashboard, we can help you control user access to all of your resources, including cloud-based applications, and granular file and folder access. This makes it easy to set up new users, and easy to cancel access when staff depart.

Recover – When a crisis occurs, we have the tools and ability to minimize downtime and recover the entire network or individual files and services in a matter of minutes.



What is the cloud?  Substitute the word “Internet” and you pretty much have it.  So its just that simple?  Actually no. 

But here’s the deal; the old way of doing things is quickly receding.  On premises servers are disappearing, as are applications that you install on your computer.  Those two pieces used to be inseparable: “Client-Server” applications is what we called them.  An application was installed on your computer, and its server component resided on your in-house server.  All the shared data was kept on the server which managed its access and flow to the installed applications. That model, if not dead, is in steep decline.

These days, the bulk of effort and ingenuity for developing new productivity tools is focused on web-based applications.  These applications most likely run inside a browser like Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, or sit on top of the browser as a browser extension.  The servers are no longer something you own, they are in the cloud, hosted in a data-center along with most of your data. 

This means less investment in expensive hardware, and it also can mean reduced risk of major failures.  It also means the landscape for maintaining control of all of your information, your user’s, and their access to tools and data is far broader and more complex.

That’s why we’ve developed Fido Cloud Control. The Fido Cloud Control service gives you the best cloud based storage options and file sharing tools.  This cloud integration platform allows us to provide you a modern managed service offering with secure online storage and user accounts, device tracking, and permissions control.

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