Managed IT services

Dogged Support for Networks, Computers & Users

Fido Systems is a San Francisco Information Technology firm. We are the IT department for our clients.

CLOUD specialist

Windows PC & Apple Mac Laptop/Desktop Support

Keeping control of your files in the cloud while also keeping them safe is hard. And as cloud-based applications proliferate, controlling access is a challenge. Staff now work from tablets and smartphones as well as laptops.

Take the first step toward managing all of this securely with Fido Systems Cloud Control support services. With Fido’s Cloud Control support, we can help you:

Network security specialist

Servers, Networks, and Back Office

Knowing your data and digital resources are safe creates peace of mind and helps your business run smoothly. We can help keep you safe from: Viruses, Phishing Schemes, System Failures, Disasters and more.

End user support team

Windows PC & Apple Mac Laptop/Desktop Support

Do employees bother the same power-user whenever they have a computer problem? Have your employees stopped work because their computer was not functioning? Are they hobbled by system hangs? Are you often waiting for an IT person to show up?  Fido’s managed services relieve all of these burdens.

Server Expert

Servers, Networks, and Back Office

In IT, technology moves very fast. Those changes are especially apparent in the server room. Cloud services can off-load some of your IT resources. And server virtualization can dramatically reduce your investment in hardware.  These technologies, when properly executed, can reduce your costs while increasing reliability and performance.

WiFi Specialist

High Density Deployments and other Challenging Environments

Is Your Office WiFi too slow? Do You Have Incomplete Coverage? Does Internet Slow Down When Everyone Brings Their Laptop to the Conference Room? We diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix slow WiFi issues and specialize in large complex deployments.

VOIP expert

VoIP, PBX, and Phone Systems

Modern telephone systems are akin to computers. Old-school vendors, lacking expertise, lean on IT for help. Fido cuts out the middle man and the headaches and offers a turn-key solution. 

Office 365 and G-Suite
Migration Team

Email and Office Production Software

The Most Ubiquitous Use of the Cloud

An organization’s first steps into Cloud resources is usually email, and in that world there are a couple obvious choices.  But the opportunities are much deeper than just email.  Let us help you explore which Cloud eco-system might be right for you and show you how to leverage it.

Remote Access Specialist

Remote Control, VPN, Cloud; the many ways to work remotely

When it comes to working away from the office, there are many different technologies to choose from.  Let us be your guide.


What's Being Said

David Lefkowitz


“Reliable problem solvers; they take a holistic approach to your business, develop plans for being technologically efficient, and EXECUTE!!! Thrilled that we have them on our side.”

David Lefkowitz – Principal and Founder of Lefkowitz & Company CPA’s

Deneen Simon


“Dan Bodner, owner of Fido Systems and his staff are the most competent and knowledgeable IT service company I have ever worked with.  They are by far who you want to hire!”

Deneen Simon – Office Administrator: the Ruben Law Firm

Lincoln Miller


“Fido Systems is an easy referral. They have a clear and simple support model, they do a great job on-boarding new clients, they are quick and thorough in troubleshooting and support, and they’re a pleasure to work with. They have a deep bench of technical skills…Fido sets up your office technology…correctly from the start.”

Lincoln Miller – SONIC Senior Account Executive




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